Ofrit Peres

In my mind and in the eyes of my child bObles are the most colorful, imaginative toy we have encountered. Swinging on the elephant, pretending that the chicken is a hat or trying to balance a ball on top of it, climbing up and down on the crocodile countless times a day and rolling the pig back and forth while he giggles loudly, these have all become some of my son’s favorite activities. bObles not only brighten up a child's playroom and make it look magical, the kids love playing, drumming, climbing and rocking on them. My company, Rug Bug LLC, has incorporated bObles into our Infant Development Program "Rug Bug Play" and will continue to do so in future Rug Bug programming. We truly love the fact that even the littlest infants get to have some fun with bObles, for instance when they practice their tummy time on the chicken while rocking back and forth. I truly believe in this brand and hope I can do my part in spreading the word about bObles as much as I can.