IIAMO WARM (5-pack)


iiamo warm is natureʼs little heating miracle and the heart of the self-warming baby bottle, "iiamo go", containing only salt and water. When inserting an iiamo warm heating cartridge into the bottleʼs heating chamber you can warm up milk to the recommended breast-feeding temperature of 37°C / 99°F in app. 4 minutes without electricity or cords.

Hereʼs how it works:

1. Insert an iiamo warm heating cartridge into the heating chamber of your iiamo go bottle and turn the bottom trigger all the way.

2. Shake the bottle gently to mix the water and salt in the cartridge to activate full heating.

3. Wait 4 minutes; occasionally shaking gently to make sure the heat is distributed evenly in the milk. Now your warmed feed is ready.

Where the heat comes from:

An iiamo warm cartridge contains water and dried salt (CaCl2) in 2 separate chambers. When activated, the water and the dried salt in iiamo warm mix, re-hydrating the salt and beginning a pure, natural heating process. The secret is the exceptional dryness of the salt, and the subsequent high energy released when that salt meets water.

iiamo go will keep the milk warm for about 15-20 minutes depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment.

iiamo warm is a disposable heater and can only be used one time. Once the salt and water has been mixed it is impossible to separate again.

Included: 5 single iiamo warm heating cartridges

Size: H:4.9", W:4.9", L:4.9"

Color: Transparent

Tips: Until it has cooled down, the iiamo warm cartridge should not be removed from the iiamo go bottle, as this becomes very hot. If the milk you pour into the bottle is colder or warmer than room temperature or the bottle is not filled up completely, the result can very a little. Therefore remember to always test the temperature of the milk before you feed your baby.