"iiamo go" is the first self heating feeding bottle in the world that warms 6 oz. of milk up to the recommended 98.6 degrees F (body temperature) in about 4 minutes- no electricity, no cord, no limitations! Just insert the "iiamo warm" heating cartridge into the heating chamber, shake, and wait 4 minutes. Now the milk is warmed and ready to feed! 

This "go" package includes the "iiamo more", the add-on flat bottom that converts the "go" into a 13 oz feeding/drinking bottle, which is perfect for at home feedings and does not require the use of the "iiamo warm" heating cartridge.

With the use of the "iiamo drink" (sold separately), you can turn the "iiamo go" into a drinking bottle for kindergarten or sport.

All parts can be disassembled completely, making it very easy to clean. Dishwasher and microwave safe.  As always, the bottle and all of the accessories are free of BPA, parabens, phthalates, perfume, and other harmful additives.

"iiamo warm" heating cartridges sold separately. 

100% BPA-Free

Incl. flow size 1 + "iiamo more"

Size: H:8.5", W: 3.1", L:3.1"

Color: Green/Blue

Made in Denmark

*note: if you have the older model of the  iiamo go with a steel chamber, please be sure to not put the steel into the microwave or dishwasher*