*Last chance to get this color!*

The bObles Worm supports the development of the child’s motor skills. The Worm has a rounded end, which makes it tilt, when the child is sitting on it. It is also possible to lie across the round part, when the child is concentrating about drawing or reading, or just have fun rolling around on the stomach.

However, the Worm is not only for children as adults can benefit too. Not only is it a fun piece of furniture – it also strengthens your back and overall posture when used as a chair with a 3-layers fish or 6-layers fish on top.

bObles tumbling animals are produced in solid EVA-foam with a soft surface, which is easy to clean with a wet cloth. The material is light and the edges are rounded so it does not leave any marks in the floor. bObles tumbling animals are tested especially for children and is free of any toxins or phthalates.  

Color: Grey

Size: H:16.7", W:12.2", L:12.2"